Gradient Polarised Lenses

Posted on: May 22, 2017

Polarised lenses are possibly the most visually comfortable lens to wear in a sunglass.  They reduce glare by eliminating any reflecting light that enters the eye. With a polarised lens, images appear sharper and clearer giving great comfort and clarity to the wearer. Generally, polarised lenses are given in a solid brown or grey colour.

We can now happily introduce you to the gradient polarised lens.

The gradient polarised lens has a solid dark tint on the upper half of the lens then graduates down to a lighter clearer tint on the lower half of the lens. As seen below.

You no longer have to opt for the solid gray or brown polarised lens in your sunglasses.


A gradient polarized lens offers great comfort to wearers when going from outdoor to indoor while wearing sunglasses.


They are ideal for people who like to read or write in the sun as you can look through the lower and lighter coloured half of the lens to read, rather than possibly struggling to read clearly through the solid dark tint of a regular polarised lens.


We can offer you this gradient polarised lens in the form of single vision lenses (distance or readers) and varifocal lenses. We can also offer you this gradient polarised lens in a polycarbonate material which is lighter and tougher than a regular lens!

As well as the visual benefits of wearing a gradient polarised lens, they also look very on trend and fashionable.

If you are interested in the gradient polarised lens, or just polarised lens in general, you can pop into us so we can let you compare polarised lenses, to regular sunglasses lenses and you can see what suits you better. Or if you have any other queries call us on 01-8384287.

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